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Why are one-time bin cleanings more expensive?

One-time cleanings require individual scheduling and billing. They are also more intensive, and often, more time consuming than continued service cleanings.

I only want my bins cleaned once. Am I able to do this?

Yes. Simply request a one-time cleaning.

Why is there a cancellation fee?

The primary purpose of the cancellation fee is to ensure that we are not taken advantage of by those looking for just a quick, one-time cleaning. The cancellation fee for each client is exactly the same amount and covers the initial costs involved in cleaning bins for the first time, which typically requires more time […]

Can I terminate my service at any time?

Absolutely! You may cancel your service at any time and we will cheerfully refund any outstanding cleanings that have not been performed minus a small cancellation fee.

Do I have to commit for a full year?

Not at all! We offer year round service, a three month term, or you can choose a one-time cleaning.

How long should I leave my bin(s) on my driveway?

Your bins will be cleaned sometime before 9 p.m. on your designated pickup day. In the unlikely event that your bin has not been cleaned by 9 p.m. For more information please read What if you aren’t able to clean my bins due to inclement weather, street closures or delays in pickup service?.

Are you a franchise?

Winnipeg Bin Cleaning is locally owned and operated  by a Manitoba family.

How do I register with Winnipeg Bin Cleaning to have my bins cleaned?

Simply call our office (204.594.2467) or click on the sign-up button above and use our handy form.

Does someone need to be home when Winnipeg Bin Cleaning arrives?

We clean your bins on the same day as your waste and recycling pickup. Just as you don’t need to be home when your bins are emptied, you don’t need to be home when we come by.

Can I request a different deodorizer scent?

Currently, we are only offering one deodorizer scent.